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My Story Where It All Began

Hello and Welcome to the Hayden Farm General Store Fragments Of Creation. Its so nice to meet you. My husband Ward Hayden and I live on a beautiful farm in Mondamin Iowa in the historic Loess Hills.

On our farm we raise Nubian Goats, Belted Galloways, Border Collies, Japanese Akitas, 2 Morgan Horses and we grow our own hay.

I graduated from Veterinarian Technical school. I love animals.

My hobbies that I love to do is, Soap Making, Stainded Glass, Quilting, Beading, Knitting, Music, Banjo, Christian Rock Music. We have Christian concerts on our farm .

My favorite flower is the amazing sunflowers. Our goats love them too.


Now let me tell you , my story where it all began and the people who gave me inspiration why I make handmade goats milk soap.

My biggest inspiration and my teacher is my grandmother is Fern Bernhagen.

My grandmother was born in 1912 and lived on a farm in Crosbyton , Texas. Her and her family raised livestock , milked cows , and lived off the land. In order to keep themselves clean they had to make their own soap . Back in those days they didn't have stores close by or the roads was not developed yet, paved or graveled.

My grandmother became a school teacher in 1930 in a one room school house in Howard County Nebraska. Then she moved to Elkhorn Nebraska and taught at Sunnyslpoe school in a two room school house . She taught her students how to make soap , she had a special day they made it outside and played games afterwards.

She was involved at the Bethany Lutheran church in Elkhorn Nebraska. Where they made handmade soap and quilts to send to the needy. When I got older I got to help with that.

One day I got into poison ivy at my grandmothers house and she had a bar of her soap. I washed my leg with it and it was so soothing.

In 2006 I was diagnosed with SLE Lupus and I developed rashes and sores all over , including my scalp. I stumbled across an article on goats milk soap for Lupus.

So my husband and I decided to purchase some Nubians that was close buy to us. I started to make soap and shampoo bar for my Lupus rash and the rashes and sores are gone now. Lupus makes your hair fall out so the goats milk shampoo bar helped grow hair and heal the sores.

So I am here today making goats milk soap and shampoo bar to give you healthy skin and hair and to carry on the tradition of soap making.

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