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Two Bars Frankincense Kings Delight Goats Milk Soap

Two Bars Frankincense Kings Delight Goats Milk Soap

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Soap your  way to healthy skin with our spirituality grounding , calming Frankincense Kings Delight Goats Milk Soap. The  fresh woody balsamic and slightly spicy aroma of this soap will bring you inner peace. This soap is packed full of moisturizing oils and vitamins that nourish your skin. 

Ingredients: Distilled Water,  Lye  , Goats Milk,  Castor Oil,  Lard,  Olive Oil,  Coconut Oil,  Borax,  White Sugar,  Frankincense Essential Oil.  

    Distilled Water : Wonderful benefits,  it boosts energy,  reduces anxiety and stress.  It improves oxygen carrying capacity of the blood cells.  It helps headaches and dizziness.  It helps strengthens the immune system.  Helps eliminate toxins from the body and it stabilizes body temperature.  Aids body from infections . It brightens skin complexion. Distilled  water is used to dissolve lye,  so it can interact with the oils to begin the saphonification process.

    Lye : Without lye there is no soap.  Soap starts first with lye or alkali a liquid created by leaching ashes ( wood ) of potassium carbonate or potash.  Then the lye is added to the vegetable oil and animal fats causing a chemical reaction known as saphonification.

    Castor Oil : Has many healthy benefits for the skin. The antimicrobial and inflammatory properties of castor oil make it useful in reducing acne and bacterial infections.  Castor oil is rich in fatty acids that enhances softness and soothes the skin.  It helps promote the growth of healthy skin tissues.  Castor oil has a low comedogenic score.  Meaning it is unlikely to clog pores in the skin and reduces the risk of developing black heads making it appropriate for use on sensitive skin.  

                   ● Nourishes Dry Skin 

                   ● Soothes Sunburn Symptoms 

                   ● Treats Wrinkles 

                   ● Prevents Stretch Marks 

                   ● Softens Callouses

Lard:  Is from pork,  it has wonderful benefits for the skin.  It reduces fine lines and wrinkles.  It aids in toning and helps firm the skin or more youthful look.  It aids in evening out color and reduces redness associated with rosacea.  It reduces dryness associated with conditions like eczema or winter weather.  It helps the skin to stay soft and feel smooth.  It aids in preventing acne and reduces pores.

    Olive Oil : Acts as an antioxidant which is a substance that prevents oxidation. It helps to fight off cancer cells.  Contains vitamins A, D , E and K. The vitamins that feed your skin to be healthy.  It helps to treat many skin conditions such as psoriasis,  eczema and lupus rash. It also has antibacterial properties.  Also will aid in bacterial infections of the skin.  Improves healing of people with foot ulcers caused by type 2 diabetes.  Wonderful in moisturizing and exfoliator.  Helps cure acne.

Coconut Oil :  Benefits makes a wonderful natural moisturizer for the skin.  The vitamin E in coconut oil makes an excellent protectant.  It aids in curing acne and heals eczema,  psoriasis,  lupus rash,  rosacea and fungal infections.  Helps combat wrinkles.  It aids in wound healing.  It helps to relieve itchy skin.  It comforts rashes,  soothes burns and bug bites.  Helps with stretch marks.  It aids in healing cold sores.  It aids in healing Candida.  It slows skin aging.  

Borax :  Has antifungal properties and it is excellent for Candida yeast infections.  It promotes faster wound healing and softer skin.  It is added to the soap process because of its exceptional water softening qualities.  It helps to enhance foaming action.  

White Sugar :  Aids increase in lather and bubbles.

Frankincense Essential Oil : The king of essential oils,  Frankincense essential oil is an oil made from resin that comes from the Boswellia tree. The Boswellia tree is found in Africa and the Middl East.  It has a sweet,  spicy , woody scent.  Frankincense is an anti  inflammatory which helps to ease pain and arthritis.  It helps to reduce stress.  Helps to fight off cancer,  2012 study found that a chemical compound found in Frankincense called AKBA is successful at killing cancer cells that have become resistant to chemotherapy which makes it a natural cancer treatment.  Frankincense is a antiseptic and disinfectant agent that has antimicrobial effects.  Frankincense has the ability to strengthen skin and improve its tone and elasticity.  It helps to fight against bacteria.  Aids in repairing blemishes.  It helps in wound healing.  Aids in healing scars , stretch marks , surgery scars . Helps cracked skin. Helps to reduce acne blemishes.  

No Mica Color Powder.


   Goats milk soap is different from other soaps , because goats milk is different from other milk. Goat milk is the only milk that contains capric-capryllic triglycerides which acts as an emollient that penetrates the skin leaving a layer of moisture on the skins surface.  

   Goats milk contains over 50 nutrients,  minerals, acids and enzymes that serve to nourish and revitalize dehydrated skin.

Regular use of goats milk will maintain a moisture balance that results in a smoother softer skin. Goats milk contains alpha  - hydroxy acids such a lactic acid which removes dead skin cells from your skin surface.  Skin will be less prone to liver spots , lines and wrinkles.  

   The alpha - hydroxy acids found naturally in goats milk have rejuvenating effects on the skin cells - neutralizing structuring collagen fibers and enhancing moisture retention. 

   It helps many people with psoriasis , acne and eczema because of the vitamin A in goats milk.  

   Goats milk also contains important minerals for the skin such as selenium.  Selenium prevents skin cancer.  

   Goats milk keeps skin acne free, cleanses gently yet deeply.  It heals skin infections quickly,  its great for burns, sunburns,  bee and wasp stings.  

   It helps with individuals that have Cutaneous Lupus Erythematosus . Its a skin disorder with Lupus such as rashes,  sores, and lesions.  

   Most soap that you buy at the store isn't really soap. There called beauty bars , and the natural glycerin has been stripped out and sold separately for added profit.  In its place is a combination of synthetic chemical detergents.  Most detergents are harsh on the skin. Which is why there is a prevalence of dry, itchy,  sensitive skin.

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